Please read the Covid Protocol below before purchasing.

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Above is the general site map to help you navagate camping, parking, RV’s etc.

Download the map and schedule to your phone PDF link


Covid Protocol for 2021


We are always looking to create the best possible experience for everyone at the Festival.
In order to do that right now this is what we are doing:
  • Requiring Proof of Vaccination or Negative COVID Test dated within the last 72 hours prior to entry, for everyone from ages 13+. We are recommending that kids under 12 wear a mask in crowded areas.
  • Strongly encouraging face masks or coverings in crowded areas.
  • Requiring all staff, volunteers and Bands to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.
  • Requiring all staff and volunteers wear a mask when performing duties that involve interaction with the patrons, staff or artists.
  • Following CDC and Virginia state recommendations for public events. Pack a mask and other PPE for your personal use.
By implementing these regulations we hope to provide the safest space we can while knowing that nothing is perfect. Our bands are asking for these Protocols and we support them. We realize that this is not the ideal situation for some and we appreciate your cooperation in helping to keep our Watermelon Pickers’ Fest Family healthy and safe while also helping the musicians continue to work. We hope we never have to do it this way again, but for this year please come prepared for these health and safety measures. 
Shepherds Ford Productions


General Festival Rules

   •    Patrons must wear their wristbands at all times.
•    Please do not build a campfire on the grass. Above ground fire pits are permitted.
•    Do not dump any ashes into the dumpster.
•    All trash bags must be taken to the dumpster. Do not leave them at your campsite. You are responsible for your campsite. Keep it clean.
•    By State Ordinance: No carry-in firewood will be allowed. Clean local store purchased wood is allowed.
•    “Quiet Time” is midnight for all music and loud noise. All electronic devices and any RV generators must be off. No exceptions!
•    You must be at least 18 years of age to enter Watermelon Pickers’ Fest unless accompanied by a parent, guardian, or another responsible adult.
•    No underage possession of alcohol is permitted.

•    Do not bring your own alcohol into the concert area.

•    No glass bottles or jars.
•    Any music during the day or evening must be kept at a respectful volume, respect your neighbors. Please refrain from any canned music.
•    No littering. Do not allow any paper, plastic or trash, food scraps, bottle caps, etc. to remain on the ground. If you have to be told to clean up more than once, you may be asked to leave.
•    Just ask us for a trash bag! Please…leave no trace!
•    Be respectful of your fellow campers and our staff!
•    Vehicle traffic must be limited. No mini bikes, scooters, electric or gas-driven cycles, or carts of any type are allowed. Anyone driving in the park is required to have a valid driver’s license. All Handicap Transportation Type Vehicles are allowed.
•    Campground speed limit is 10 mph or less. Go slow. No speeding, reckless driving, spinning tires, or non-licensed driving allowed.
•    No dogs permitted into concert areas. RV sites with AC capability only and always on a leash.
•    Please respect the bathrooms and any portable toilets. Do not put trash into the Porta-Johns. Please report any issues to event staff or security.
•    No firearms or BB guns allowed.
•    No fireworks of any type permitted.
•    If you want to fly a flag above your campsite, fly a Watermelon themed flag. No political flags, no divisive flags. Leave all that behind and enjoy the music. (American Flags allowed)
•    Covid Update – Capacity Reduction for Watermelon Pickers’ Fest
◦    We are following the CDC and Virginia state recommendations for public events. The number of tickets sold will be limited to allow for social distancing.
◦    All Public Health protocols will be strictly enforced, and we will have contactless practices to protect our guests and employees. Face masks or coverings will be encouraged in the concert area, so don’t forget to bring one with you.